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She The Musical

Thank you, Reichenbach!

She Carsten steps

Clive Nolan: "What a weekend it was! Two epic journeys with a show in the middle. Thank you so much to all of the Caamora team for making this experience as easy as you could for me! Is was really great to be allowed out of the armchair and 'get back on the horse' at least for a couple of days! The performance was excellent, from our brilliant musicians, to our wonderful chorus and across to the terrific principal performers... well done every one of you. Thanks also to Alec Morris for a fantastic light show, Magda Grabias for buzzing around making sure things run as smoothly as possible and Mark Westwood for saving the sound (Gawd bless ya!)! Further thanks must go to Patric Toms, Kylan Amos, Susie Brauer and Mark Westwood for their safe and solid driving. I'm sorry to you all for testing the limits of your endurance, but you all rose heroically to the challenge! Thank you all very much!"

More 'She' Dates Confirmed!

She ad nov 2015 jpg sm

More dates have been set for Clive Nolan's first musical, 'She'. On January 30th 2016 the concert version of 'She' will be performed at the famous Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland. Subsequently, 'She' in its theatrical version will return to the Cheltenham Playhouse on September 2nd and 3rd. Watch out for further announcements! 

Clive: "It is very nice to know that the life span of my musical ‘She’ has exceeded my expectations. With the German show immanent and then a trip to Holland and another production in Cheltenham next year, there is plenty left to do with this show. Each time it is performed, it develops a little more, and I am happy to see how this show has matured over the years. I look forward to the continued ‘future’ of ‘She’."

Poster by Claudio Momberg with photos by Graham Stead, the Queen by Mark Buckingham.

Full Cast Revealed for the Show in Germany!

Reichenbach poster Udo Final

On November 28th the Caamora Theatre Company will perform Clive Nolan's first musical 'She' at the Neuberinhaus Theatre in Reichenbach, Germany. The concert version of 'She' will feature the singers: Victoria Bolley (Ayesha), Robbie Gardner (Leo), Verity Smith (Ustane), Chris Lewis (Holly), Ian Baldwin (Job), Ross Andrews (Billali) and Joy-Amy Wigman (Rehani); the instrumentalists: Clive Nolan (keyboard), Mark Westwood (guitars), Kylan Amos (bass) and Scott Higham (drums); and the chorus including Ollie West, Ron Milsom, Alex White and Emily Frechter.

We sincerely hope that Clive Nolan, who is currently recovering after two emergency eye operations, will be able to take part in the 'She' show next week. The preparations for what will hopefully be Clive's first public appearance since September are now in full swing... For the Caamora Theatre Company, the show in Germany will be a very special way to conclude what has been a very eventful year. Don't miss it!

For tickets contact Uwe at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
'She' synopsis in German HERE

Joy-Amy Wigman Cast as Rehani


We are happy to announce that Joy-Amy Wigman has been cast as Rehani for the concert production of Clive Nolan's "She" to be performed this November in Reichenbach, Germany. Joy-Amy, originally trained at the London School of Musical Theatre, joined the Caamora Theatre Company in July 2015 and took part in the jubilee productions of "She" and "Alchemy" staged as part of the "Fire and the Quest" festival in Cheltenham in September this year.

Joy-Amy Wigman: "I'm so pleased to be stepping in to Rehani's sandals for this concert. I have only been with the Caamora Company a short time but I already feel like part of the team. It is wonderful to be working with such haunting melodies, I can't wait for Germany! "

"She in Concert" will be performed at the Neuberinhaus Theatre in Reichenbach on November 28th 2015. For tickets contact Uwe at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.