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She The Musical

"The Fire and the Quest": We Did it!


'The Fire and the Quest' festival celebrating 10 years of Clive Nolan Musicals took place on September 4th and 5th, 2015. The artists of the Caamora Theatre Company performed three shows in front of the sold out venue of the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham, UK. Clive’s jubilee was commenced with the premiere of a brand new production of his first musical, 'She', followed by the off-West End version of 'Alchemy', both directed by Ian Baldwin. Saturday acoustic concert, hosted by Clive himself and featuring, among others, some of the original performers from both musicals, gave a chance to reminisce about the past 10 years of Clive’s musical journey. The event was a great success and fun for performers and the audience alike.

Clive Nolan: "There is no doubt that ‘The Fire and the Quest’ weekend is over, and what a fantastic weekend it was! The plethora of terrific performances, the culmination of such brilliant work and preparation, and of course the wonderful reaction of the lovely people who travelled from the corners of the world to see us in action. It’s the audience that really makes a show, and guys… you made it! I felt proud, moved and excited all in one heady mixture! This was truly a lifetime highlight!"

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"The Fire and the Quest" Begins Today!

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Clive Nolan: “So, here we are… Friday morning! No more days to count down – this is it! I can only congratulate the Caamora team for their wonderful efforts in preparing for these shows. The results of your dedicated and tireless work will, I’m sure, be clear to everyone over the next 48 hours. I wish everyone good luck and… let’s get started!” ;)

“I Had to Be a Part of it!”: An Interview with Chris Lewis

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Chris Lewis: "When we began, I didn’t really get a full picture of it all. I certainly knew about the bands Clive was in, Arena and Pendragon, as I’ve always liked progressive rock music, but I’ve never seen them live, so, that was my first encounter with Clive. I was asked to get auditioned for a certain song in the musical called “She” as an understudy to the character of Holly as they needed somebody with quite a high range, which I was able to achieve. I was told at that time it was a relatively small part, but it turned out to be a rather large part with some great songs. This musical by Clive is an amazing piece and when I actually heard the music, it was no brainer – I had to be a part of it!"

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The Chorus Perspective – Part Four: Joy-Amy Wigman

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Joy-Amy: "I came to the rehearsal period rather late as I was replacing another cast member who had to pull out for health reasons. So I had a lot of catching up to do! I originally trained at The London School of Musical Theatre and Ian Baldwin, the director, knew that I would put my all into getting up to speed. I feel privileged to be part of the Caamora Theatre Company. Clive's musicals are so beautifully unlike anything I've sung before. They combine rock, operetta and high drama to create a fantastical landscape for the imagination. There is a wonderful magic that surrounds the music, it opens up the opportunity for so much emotion, the kind of music that you find yourself belting out in the car on the way home or indeed, waking up your flatmate with as you over emote in the shower. When I'm watching the rehearsals I find myself getting totally drawn in to the performances of my colleagues. It's so great suddenly think "I'm a part of this". Not only are they a talented group of people but also so very warm and welcoming, an utter joy to work with."