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She The Musical

The Chorus Perspective - Part Two: Ron Milsom

Ron fand Q

Ron Milsom: "Being a member of the chorus means playing a variety of roles. For me in both ‘She’ and ‘Alchemy’, these include a sailor, Queen’s guard, a priest, a vagrant, a mercenary and a member of the Hell-Fire Club. During rehearsals, it can sometimes be a bit confusing, but once the costumes go on, the character’s have their own identity. Our job is to reinforce the story that’s unfolding on stage and to provide harmony to the songs.

I’m pleased to say that the rehearsals are going really well, considering that we’re doing two different shows over consecutive nights. Although I’ve played in ‘She’ and ´Alchemy´ previously, this is a completely new version of ‘She’. That means learning new parts and stage directions, although of course the songs are the same. It may be difficult at times, but it’s great fun too.

Caamora is not just a theatrical company, it’s a family of friends working together and helping each other to bring Clive’s music to life. The talented Ian Baldwin has transformed the shows into some something quite dynamic and I’ve learnt so much by working with him. I never tire of listening to Clive’s music. ‘The Fire and the Quest’ is going to be a very special weekend for everybody involved. I’m privileged to be part of this company and for that I am truly grateful to Clive Nolan. Thanks Clive and good luck for the future!"



"I Just Love Musicals!": An Interview with Verity Smith

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Verity: Quite a while ago when we were doing "Alchemy" at the Cheltenham Playhouse, I was asked to audition for an understudy role for Mrs Muncey. It feels like a long time ago now. And I was lucky enough (sorry Tracy!) that Tracy Hitchings couldn't make the Cheltenham shows, so I ended up playing the lead role and then when we went to the off West End, Clive asked me to extend that part into playing Jessamine as well as Mrs Muncey. And then, when it was announced that we were going to do a new version of "She", Ian Baldwin, who is directing "She", asked me to be Rehani in this production. And it's been awesome to be involved.

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The Chorus Perspective - Part One: Colin Greene

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Colin Greene: "I have been with Caamora from the first 'Alchemy' rehearsals in Cheltenham, which was about two years back. It was amazing being part of a process that saw a new theatre company become very expert in their interpretation of Clive Nolan's musicals. For me, it was the total belief in the music and how it stood out as something special. I was proud to be a part of the enthusiasm towards exciting shows at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London and now I am part of one of the best singing and acting casts that we have ever had. It is a delight to bring to a conclusion within the next few days both of the musicals. There is no doubt that it is hard work and for some it is hours of extra toil making sets and costumes which would not be out of place in the best costume wardrobes. It is never easy to gather a team together and work with them until they meet with the standard that the audience expect. I love working with Ian Baldwin, the director, who with the patience and guidance and experience polishes us until we all shine. I still remember the day when it felt like family. And it still does. 

Clive, a few words for you - I loved it when you had just finished Jermyn Street. You picked up a glass of wine and I looked at you - you held up the glass in a well-done salute and said "This is rock'n' roll'. You deserved that drink and I hope to be part of the glasses raised after "The Fire and the Quest".

News from the Lighting Department!

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Alec Morris (lighting designer): "Things have been moving along swiftly with the lighting for 'She' and 'Alchemy'. It has been a nice change to go back into theatre after working in concerts for a while, and Clive Nolan's work always gives me a lot to play with in terms of creating an atmosphere to add to the story.

Time is very limited once we get into the theatre, and we have to all try and fit into a tight schedule without falling over each other, so I have been trying to get as much done beforehand as possible. 'Alchemy' at the Jermyn Street Theatre last year was a little easier, but with 'The Fire and the Quest' we are putting on two shows within the same amount of prep time. After only seeing a rough computer visualisation, I'm excited to see the show come to life."

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