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She The Musical

It's Nice to be a Bad Girl: A Conversation with Victoria Bolley


Victoria Bolley: I have pleasure to play Queen Ayesha in Clive Nolan's "She" and Eva Bonaduce in Clive Nolan's "Alchemy". This is my second time I am playing Ayesha. My first time was back in 2012 when I understudied Agnieszka Swita at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham in the matinee performance. But this time I am what they call a leading lady, so I am Ayesha. It's quite a challenge, because some of the music has been changed and edited. The stage direction is totally different. Ian Baldwin has done a fantastic job looking after us, keeping control of us and putting his own spin on things. So, I think you'll be very pleased with what you see. And if you've already seen it, I hope you are very pleased, because we've been working really hard. Two or three times a week sometimes - early mornings, late nights. 

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I Like Writing Musicals: A Conversation with Clive Nolan Part 1

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Clive Nolan: "When I was a child my parents had a radiogram. You were pulling the little doors open and there was room for albums on the sides and the record deck in the middle. Being an only child I used to have a lot of time on my own and I used to go through these records. We had a collection of albums like "South Pacific", "My Fair Lady", "The Sound of Music". At that time I did not really think consciously about the genre - I just used to listen to these albums all the time and make up my own stories, cause they did not have proper sleeves. So, I had to imagine what was going on in the story. Thus from a very early age I was listening to that kind of music and my parents used to take me to see some of the musicals in the cinema. I remember being taken to see "Oliver!" and "Scrooge the Musical" and various other ones as well. So, I was brought up on a diet of musicals to some extent."

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Rehearsals Continue!

Rehersals continued

Ian Baldwin: “As this is being written, rehearsals are moving on apace - blocking positions, practising harmonies, discussing motivation and character intent, changing, evolving and finally ending with something that we are happy with - before tweaking it a little at the next rehearsal! ;-) The whole cast are working hard to bring you something different in this new interpretation of ‘She’. We are, obviously, working mainly on ‘She’ at the moment, but have some ‘Alchemy’ rehearsals pencilled in over the coming month or so. The Fire and the Quest are taking shape…”

Rehearsals for the New 'She' Production!

She Rehearsal

The preparations for 'The Fire and the Quest' are now in full swing as the cast and crew of the new version of 'She' are working hard to ensure the success of the September show. This brand new production, directed by the multi-talented Ian Baldwin, features an entirely new cast as well as a new character and some new material written by Clive Nolan especially for that occasion. Whilst a very intense rehearsal schedule is being realised, the costumes are being made and the scenery built. Soon it will be time for 'Alchemy' rehearsals!

Clive Nolan: "I have attended various ‘She’ rehearsals along the way so far and things are moving along really well. I can see the show taking shape, and making sense! Ian’s vision of ‘She’ is dynamic and exciting. It’s going to be a great show. It’s scary to think that ‘Alchemy’ rehearsals will begin very soon… time to re-learn those lyrics... ;)"