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She The Musical

Elena Vladyuk Joins the Caamora Company!

Elena V 232 sm

Elena Vladyuk, born in Siberia, is a soprano singer, dancer, model and photographer. She is a graduate of the Drama School of Chisinau in Moldova and the Opera Department of the International Slavic University in Moscow. Her experience includes ballet, classic and modern dancing, musical theatre and modelling. Elena has joined the Caamora Theatre Company to perform the role of Ustane in 'She' in Germany later in 2015, and other roles in the future.

Clive Nolan: “I’m very happy to welcome Elena into the Caamora family. Although she will not be active with us until later this year, I hope to do some recording with her soon, and I think she will be coming along to a rehearsal or two to see the new ‘She’ production put together.”  

Clive Nolan 'Hidden Treasure' CD!

Hidden Treasure cover small

We are happy to announce the PRE-SALE of a new CD with material by Clive Nolan. 'Hidden Treasure' is a collection of demos, oddities and unreleased material from 'She' and 'Alchemy'. All songs on this album are never-heard-before versions performed by the stellar cast of singers and instrumentalists involved in both projects over the last 10 years. The album includes an impressive booklet featuring Clive's reminiscences, photos and interesting trivia concerning the songs, with excellent artwork by Kylan Amos and Mark Buckingham. 'Hidden Treasure' will be ready to be dispatched in mid-July. All funds raised from the CD will go to support the production of Clive's musicals. For more details about the album and the performers, visit our internet shop, The Lost Tribe Emporium.

Clive: “The perfect present - don’t get one when you can get four! ;) I think if you are a follower of what we have been doing with these musicals over the last years, then this makes a very interesting accompaniment to the whole story.”

Pre-order 'Hidden Treasure' HERE

Mark Buckingham Creates Queen Ayesha!

The Queen Mark Buckingham FINAL sm

Mark Buckingham, a famous DC Comics artist, has created the picture of Queen Ayesha which will represent the protagonist of 'She' in the future releases and publishings related to Clive Nolan's musical. Buckingham and Nolan first met in 2012. The meeting resulted in what has become the most recognisable image of Professor Samuel King, the hero of Clive's second musical, 'Alchemy'. Mark also designed the logo for Nolan's jubilee event, 'The Fire and the Quest', bringing together the main characters of two musicals in one picture.

Clive Nolan: “It was a real stroke of luck meeting Mark. I have always loved the flavour of graphic art - we touched on this with the 'Pepper's Ghost' album from Arena. The chance to apply Mark's talents to the musicals was irresistible. I still harbour the hope to see 'Alchemy' as a full graphic novel - who knows.”

Mark Buckingham has been working in comics for over 28 years, building a reputation for design, storytelling and a chameleon like diversity of art styles. He is known for his work on numerous comics including Miracleman (Marvelman), Hellblazer, Sandman, Death, Shade the Changing Man, Generation-X, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, Doctor Who, The Titans and Peter Parker: Spider-man.

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'The Fire and the Quest' SOLD OUT!


We are proud to announce that Clive Nolan's jubilee event, 'The Fire and the Quest' is now SOLD OUT! The mini festival will celebrate 10 years of Clive's musicals with the premiere of the new productions of 'She' and 'Alchemy' and the acoustic concert featuring special guests. Rehearsals have already begun and works on scenery and costumes are in full swing now. The casts and the production team are getting ready for what will be their biggest venture of 2015.

Clive Nolan: "I am very happy to hear that the 'Fire and the Quest' event is now sold out! With three and a half months to go, we can now concentrate our energies on the actual shows. I must admit I am curious to see the new production of 'She', complete with a new character and new material. We also have some great guests for Saturday afternoon as well. Right... lots to do!"