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She The Musical


Thank you, Cheltenham 2016!

SHE 2016 cast and crew

Clive Nolan: "Three more 'She' shows are completed, and I want to send my congratulations to everyone involved. It was a fantastic production which really brought the story to life. As I watched each show, I quite literally forgot I had written it, and got sucked into the adventure that unfolded before me.
This show has got better each time we have tackled it... from our original appearance on that Polish DVD all the way through to where we are now, I have seen this musical mature and develop into what I experienced last night, and thanks to all the people involved along the journey we now have a great show!

I could wax lyrical about each and everyone one of you... Mark Westwood tussling with his mixing desk like Spock trying to prevent the Enterprise computer from closing down... Iain David Richardson and tightly run 'prop regime'... Alec Morris bringing such great atmosphere with his lighting... Magdalena Grabias furiously spreading the word across the internet, and then diving into the foyer to force people to buy every piece of merchandise available... Dylan stepping up for stage manager...The amazing Natalie Barnett and Caron Morgan who managed to juggle babies and still have the scenery and costumes looking brilliant... The much welcomed nutritional support provided by Maggi Lewis... The chorus (Alexander White, Ethan Barnett, Ron Milsom, Colin Greene, Ollie West, Joy-Amy Wigman, Katie East and the 'dancy' Emily Frechter) offering such a wonderful variety of character and flavour... Verity Smith turning a 'handmaiden' into a fully formed central character.... Ross Andrews threading his high priest through the story, and gently manoeuvring people into the right places... Gemma Louise Edwards offering such a vibrant and sympathetic Ustane... the wonderful Chris Lewis and and the range that defies testicles... The romantic Robbie Gardner who can't wait to get undressed on stage... and then there is the star of the show, Victoria Bolley, who has truly grasped and owned the role of Ayesha - she may be little, but there was no doubt she had to be obeyed!

So I could wax lyrical about each one of you... but I won't :) 
Just this one... Ian Baldwin, our director. Of course there is his very entertaining and amusing rendition of Job, but more than that, he is the director, and this show is exciting, entertaining and fascinating thanks to his vision and guidance. Just remember when anyone of us has to be 'somewhere else' instead of a rehearsal, he is the one always there... always patiently (mostly) moving this project on, step by step... well done 'old son'!
Massive thanks again to all of you... I think we make a great team!
Roll on 'King's Ransom'"

Photo by Neil Palfreyman
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