She The Musical

'She' Testimonials

"The Production of She looks and sounds stunning. I am sure it will be a hit. Good luck to all the cast and crew." (Mark Lester - leading actor in the movie 'Oliver!')

"Clive Nolan's musical tour de force, 'She' is a great rock opera. Make sure you see this excellent show!" (Rob Hanemaayer, IO Pages Magazine)

"A unique musical and theatrical feast from the cream of the British music scene." (Nick Shilton, The Classic Rock Magazine)

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"With 'She', Clive Nolan has provided us with an unforgettable musical journey, full of passion, power and melody. This is a show not to miss. (Arjen Lucassen)

"This is not just an album. It's an event! (Musical Discoveries)

This performance has all the makings of a West End musical along the lines of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' or 'Evita'. It's a full-blown rock opera fit for the 21st century!" (Bob McBeath, Prog Archives)

"Eye catching visuals, dramatic stage shows." (Rock Report)

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"This is a story about big dramatic emotions with lots of melodrama, intrigue and tragedy. [...] From tender melancholic ballads to bombastic, flamboyant epic rock tunes; most of them dramatic and bombastic on a level Richard Wagner would have approved of." (OMB, Progressor)

"Drama, Pathos, Intrigue, it’s like an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical! [...] Part Weber musical, part Danny Elfman soundtrack, and all Clive Nolan..." (Terry Jackson, Prognaut)

“This is a hugely ambitious and very enjoyable album. It serves to confirm that Clive Nolan remains highly motivated while continuing to enjoy a level of insparation others can only dream of.” (Bob McBeath, Prog Archives)

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"Clive Nolan is one of the great new generation of Prog Rock superstars. Like Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson, Clive has opted to make the keyboards his weapon of choice. And like these superstars before him Clive has moved this genre of music up yet another notch. [...] Clive Nolan is a drifter by nature. He has played with several bands, Neo and Pendragon come to mind, and his imprint on those bands is as unique as any fingerprint the cops might have. In his latest musical adventure She, he moves on to new and uncharted waters." (Simon Barrett, Bloggernews)

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"The musical landscape of 'She' is wide and varied: from the close, intimate sounds of voice and piano, through to the exhilaration and power of orchestra and choir, the music is intense and colorful." (Metal Mind

"'She' is an impressive accomplishment full of rich music, intriguing lyrics and fine musicianship." (Craig Hartranft, Dangerdog Music Reviews)