She The Musical

The Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham, UK. September 4th, 2015

A brand new theatrical production of 'She', featuring a new character and new songs, was performed at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham, UK on September 4th, 2015. The show was part of the jubilee event, 'The Fire and the Quest', celebrating 10 years of Clive Nolan's musicals. 

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The Cast:

Victoria Bolley: Queen Ayesha
Robbie Gardner: Leo Vincey
Chris Lewis: Horace Holly
Gemma Louise Edwards: Ustane
Ian Baldwin: Job
Ross Andrews: Billali
Verity Smith: Rehani

The Caamora Chorus:

Ron Milsom
Colin Greene
Ollie West
Caron Morgan
Emily Frechter
Joy-Amy Wigman
Ethan Barnett
Alex White

Director: Ian Baldwin
Producer/Musical Director: Clive Nolan

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