She The Musical

Clive Nolan


Clive Nolan Keyboards smClive Nolan is a British musician, composer and producer who has played a prominent role in the recent development of progressive and symphonic rock. Born in Gloucestershire, he was a pupil at Wycliffe College and King's School, Gloucester. He completed his B. Mus and M. Mus degrees at London University where he studied composition, orchestration and conducting. He has been the regular keyboard player in Pendragon (1986–present), Shadowland (1992–present), Strangers on a Train (1993–1994), Arena (1995–present) and Caamora (2006–present) as well as writing music and lyrics for Arena, Shadowland, Caamora and numerous other projects.

Nolan is the founder member of The Caamora Theatre Company formed to produce and perform the musicals of Clive Nolan. The premiere of 'She' took place in Katowice Wyspianski Theatre in Poland in October 2007. Subsequently, full theatrical performances of 'She' were performed in January 2010 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, followed by the eight-man 'She in Concert' variation in Holland in September 2011. In February 2012 theatrical version of 'She' debuted in the UK in Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre. Recently, the revived theatre shows were performed again at the Cheltenham Playhouse in September 2015 during the anniversary event, "The Fire and the Quest". 'She in Concert" was also performed in Germany in 2015 and Holland in 2016.

Nolan released his second musical 'Alchemy', with libretto based on the composer's original story, early in 2013. In February 2013 the live show was recorded for the DVD at the famous Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland. The full theatrical shows of 'Alchemy' were performed by the Caamora Theatre Company at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre in September 2013. In 2013 and 2014 the concert version of 'Alchemy' headlined musical and theatre events in the UK and Holland. In August 2014 'Alchemy' was performed over a week at the Jermyn Street Theatre in the London Off-West End. In november 2014, 'Alchemy' returned in a concert version to be performed in Reichenbach, Germany. Recently the musical was once more performed at the Cheltenham Playhouse as part of "The Fire and the Quest" festival in September 2015.

Clive was voted Best Keyboard Player by Classic Rock Society in the years: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2016. In 2010 the Bolivian government awarded him with the title of Honorary Visitor to Santa Cruz, Bolivia for his theatre work in the city of Santa Cruz. In 2013 he was awarded with the Polish MLWZ "Golden Lexicon Award" for Outstanding Achievements in Music for his musical 'Alchemy'.

Mark Westwood


Mark Westwood Guitars smMark Westwood is one of the original Caamora musicians who has been with Clive Nolan from the very first recordings. Mark has performed in numerous bands around the world including; Europe, America, Japan and South America. He also plays guitar/bass on hundreds of studio recordings. Now predominantly involved in engineering and production with the prestigious ‘Nomad51’ and ‘Blacktree’ recording studios, records and produces a wide variety of music from around the world. Mark also acts as a technical advisor to the Caamora Theatre Company.

Kylan Amos


Kylan Amos Bass smKylan Amos is currently a bassist in the legendary progressive rock band, Arena. He has been a professional bass player for over twenty years now. Over that time he has played with numerous acts and artists like Strangeworld, Black Belt Jones, The Lizard Kings as well as various different tribute acts and stage shows. He has performed around the UK and Europe and featured on a number of albums over the years. Kylan has joined the Caamora Theatre Company in 2011 and debuted in an eight-man concert version of 'She' in Holland in September that year. In 2012 he was the principal bassist for the Cheltenham 'She' shows and 'Alchemy' in Poland in February 2013, Cheltenham in September 2013 and Germany in November 2014.

Scott Higham


Scott Higham Drums smScott Higham has been part of the 'She' setup since 2006. He has recorded over 20 studio and live albums, plus various live DVDs. Scott has performed and recorded with many artists in his career including Clive Noaln, Pendragon, Caamora, Angel Witch, Paul Samson, Shadowkeep and The Lizard Kings, to name a few. He has performed around the world in front of thousands of people, in hundreds of venues for over 20 years and has won awards for his drum work, notably the 2009 Best Drummer of The Year Award for his work on Pendragon's album 'Pure' and Clive Nolan’s ‘SHE’ and then won it again in 2011 for work on Pendragon’s album 'Passion'. He is often voted in the top Three Best Drummer of The Year Awards in many different Rock/Prog poles and has become one of the best drummers on the professional circuit today.

Mike Varty


Mike Varty biogMike Varty is best known for his internationally popular work in progressive rock. He has a catalogue of recordings with several bands, including Shadowland, Landmarq, Credo, Infinite Sunday, The Mighty Rooster and Janison Edge.  He regularly tours the UK, Europe and worldwide with these bands, as well as with DeeExpus, where he shares the keyboard role with Marillion's Mark Kelly; and in The Mick Pointer Band performing the early Marillion show, Script Revisited.

In 2013 he received the award for Best Keyboard Player from the UK’s Classic Rock Society.
Mike is also a producer and arranger and runs a small recording studio, Gargoyle Studio, where he has produced several albums and other projects.

He has also written and produced the soundtrack for cult films Foiled, Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer (remastered and re-released in 2013 as Espresso Requiem by Noscaferatu) and Big Chimp. He has also provided original music for a number of cartoons and shorts.

Mike is a classically trained pianist and violinist, who started studying at the age of 4; he is also an electronics engineer; both of which combine to give him the broadest technical and compositional expertise to underpin his extreme musicianship.

Claudio Momberg


Claudio Momberg keyboard smClaudio Momberg is a keyboard player from Chile, working with Clive Nolan on numerous occasions in South America since 2003. Claudio was a part of the Caamora "Journey's End" album, playing and mixing on the 'Chilean' tracks. He was also the keyboardist for the theatrical version of 'She' in Bolivia in 2010 and the UK Cheltenham shows in February 2012, as well as appearing on a CD and the world premiere of 'Alchemy' in Poland in 2013, as well as the theatrical production in Cheltenham, UK in September 2013 and in Germany in November, 2014. He has released several albums with other projects based in South America: 3 albums with his main music project SETI, 3 albums with Taurus, 3 albums with Subterra, and his most recent project Quarks. He is also as a producer and engineer on numerous other projects.