She The Musical

Agnieszka Swita

Queen Ayesha (Poland, Bolivia, Holland, the UK 2012)

Agnieszka Swita

Agnieszka Swita is a singer, songwriter and, next to Clive Nolan, a core member of the Caamora Theatre Company. Her fascination with music began at the age of five when her mother took her to see the musical version of 'Snow White'. Agnieszka learned singing at the Institute of Music at Lublin University in Poland and was involved in world-renowned Leszek Madzik’s Visual Theatre and Provisorium Theatre in Lublin where she comes from. In 2005 Agnieszka met Clive Nolan and moved to the UK to create Caamora. The duo toured three continents playing to thousands of people and headlining festivals. The focal point of the collaboration with Clive was the release of 'She' in 2007 and staging the musical in Poland, Bolivia, The Netherlands and the UK. In June 2014 Agnieszka released her solo album ‘Sleepless’ with roots in progressive rock and branches of metal throughout.


Clive Nolan

Leo Vincey (Poland, Bolivia)

Clive Nolan LeoClive Nolan is a British musician, composer and producer who has played a prominent role in the recent development of progressive and symphonic rock. Born in Gloucestershire, he was a pupil at Wycliffe College and King's School, Gloucester. He completed his B. Mus and M. Mus degrees at London University where he studied composition, orchestration and conducting. He has been the regular keyboard player in Pendragon (1986–present), Shadowland (1992–present), Strangers on a Train (1993–1994), Arena (1995–present) and Caamora (2006–present) as well as writing music and lyrics for Arena, Shadowland, Caamora and numerous other projects.

Nolan is the founder member of The Caamora Theatre Company formed to produce and perform the musicals of Clive Nolan. The premiere of 'She' took place in Katowice Wyspianski Theatre in Poland in October 2007. Subsequently, full theatrical performances of 'She' were performed in January 2010 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, followed by the eight-man 'She in Concert' variation in Holland in September 2011. In February 2012 theatrical version of 'She' debuted in the UK in Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre. Recently, the revived theatre shows were performed again at the Cheltenham Playhouse in September 2015 during the anniversary event, "The Fire and the Quest". 'She in Concert" was also performed in Germany in 2015 and Holland in 2016.

Nolan released his second musical 'Alchemy', with libretto based on the composer's original story, early in 2013. In February 2013 the live show was recorded for the DVD at the famous Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland. The full theatrical shows of 'Alchemy' were performed by the Caamora Theatre Company at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre in September 2013. In 2013 and 2014 the concert version of 'Alchemy' headlined musical and theatre events in the UK and Holland. In August 2014 'Alchemy' was performed over a week at the Jermyn Street Theatre in the London Off-West End. In november 2014, 'Alchemy' returned in a concert version to be performed in Reichenbach, Germany. Recently the musical was once more performed at the Cheltenham Playhouse as part of "The Fire and the Quest" festival in September 2015.

Clive was voted Best Keyboard Player by Classic Rock Society in the years: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014 and 2016. In 2010 the Bolivian government awarded him with the title of Honorary Visitor to Santa Cruz, Bolivia for his theatre work in the city of Santa Cruz. In 2013 he was awarded with the Polish MLWZ "Golden Lexicon Award" for Outstanding Achievements in Music for his musical 'Alchemy'.

Alan Reed

Horace Holly (Poland, Bolivia, Holland, the UK 2012)

Alan ReedAlan Reed the original 'She' singer and actor cast in the role of Holly. He has been a part of Clive Nolan's 'She' line up since 2006. Coming from Glasgow in Scotland, Alan is probably best known as the lead vocalist with progressive rock band Pallas - which he fronted for 25 years. Gifted with a unique vocal abilities, Alan has taken part in numerous projects throughout his career, including Abel Ganz and Clive Nolan's Strangers On A Train. Now working as a solo artist, Alan has toured with Genesis legend, Steve Hackett, and is currently recording his second album, 'Honey on the Razor's Edge'. He describes the role of Holly as perhaps the most challenging, and certainly one of the most enjoyable, things he has ever done.

Christina Booth

Ustane (Poland, Bolivia, Holland, the UK 2012)

Christina BoothChristina Booth is the original 'She' singer and actress cast in the role of Ustane. She has been a part of Clive Nolan 'She' line up since 2006. Christina  have been singing for over 30 years with an eclectic CV having started in punk bands at the age of fifteen but also involved with pop, Pete Parsons ‘Voyager’ drum and bass project, as well as other dance and rock projects. Since joining her major band Magenta in 2003 Christina has been soon recognised as one of the leading female vocalists in the progressive rock genre and she received several accolades from the Classic Rock Society as Best Female Vocalist. Within the last few years Christina was involved, among others, in Parzival’s eye with Chris Postl ex Bassist/Vocalist from the highly acclaimed German band RPWL. 2010 brought the release of Christina's first solo album 'Broken Lives and Bleading Hearts' followed by the 2015 release, 'The Light'. April 2015 will also see Christina featuring on a charity single 'Spectral Mornings' with Steve Hackett & David Longdon of Big Big Train. Proceeds will go to The Parkinson's Society.

David Clifford

Leo Vincey (Holland, The UK 2012)

David Clifford William GardelleDavid Clifford originally a drummer and a singer, comes from a long and established musical heritage. He started drumming at the age of five, and singing shortly after. He played sessions for various rock bands in the mid-80s, before hooking up with his main band Red Jasper in 1988. Since the band's hiatus in 1997, he has worked solidly as a vocalist working in musical theatre productions and also with acquaintance Richard O'Brien. In 2012 David now fronts the reformed Red Jasper as Lead Vocalist. The band released their 6th studio album "The Great and Secret Show" in 2014. In 2010 David started working with Clive Nolan to create The Caamora Theatre Company and since then he has been one of the Company's leading singers. In 2012 he debuted as a Producer and Director of 'She' in the musical's Cheltenham production. He was cast as a romantic lead in Nolan's second musical, "Alchemy". The show premiered in Poland in 2013 and was released on CD and DVD, as well as performed on numerous European stages. 


Peter Hughes

Billali (the UK 2012)

Peter HughesPeter Hughes has been performing musical theatre roles for over twenty years with credits including: Henry Higgins in 'My Fair Lady', Fagin in 'Oliver', Joe Fry in 'Oklahoma' and Mr. Snow in 'Carousel'. He debuted as Billali on stage in 'She' in February 2012 during the UK premiere of Clive Nolan's musical. He dreams about playing the lead in Sondheim's Sweeney Todd.

Soheila Clifford

Rehani (the UK 2012)

Soheila Clifford JessamineSoheila Clifford has been performing since the age of five when she started singing and dancing. An accomplished performer (all styles from ballet to street to musical theatre), with which she has won over 100 medals and awards nationally. In the last six years she has received regular paid modelling and TV work, including covers for Disney Girl and Go-Girl magazines. Most recently (2011 & 2012), appearing in the Phineas and Ferb interstitials worldwide (ads). She also appeared in the Disney Channel Europe promo video (2009) and a promo video for Lufthansa airlines (2009). She spent 18 months in a girl band that signed a publishing deal with Sony and has gained plenty of live and studio recording experience. In her time she has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Saddlers Wells and Disneyland Paris amongst other places. In September 2011, she competed and was one of the youngest contestants in the Grand Final of Miss Teen Great Britain and was one of only 12 out of 62 finalists to receive an award. She walked away with Miss Teen Pageant girl (indicating the contestant with the most future potential). In August 2012 she won Ultimate Supreme at the Glitz Sparkle Pageant, including 7 other awards including the 'Talent Supreme' Award. She started working with writer/producer Andy Littlewood in 2010 and has released two singles to date 'Boudicca' and 'Escapade'. The full 'Soheila' album was released in late 2012. In February 2012 Soheila performed a principal role in Clive Nolan’s musical ‘She’, which received its European premiere in Cheltenham, as well as in 'Alchemy', which premiered in Katowice in Poland in 2013 and was later on released on DVD. Soheila graduated from Barbara Speake Stage School in London. Since leaving stage school, Soheila is now working on her musical career.