She The Musical

Leo Vincey

Leo Vincey is a Victorian adventurer. Together with his mentor, Horace Holly, he arrives to the African kingdom of Kôr in search for answers to a long forgotten family mystery. He becomes a love interest of the immortal Queen Ayesha, who believes him to be the incarnation of her lost love, Kallikrates.

Clive Nolan about Leo Vincey: “For me Leo is a terribly flawed and confused character - in the musical I have actually tried to give him a little more 'backbone' than I found in the book. In truth, as a man, he grows up a great deal in the sequel. I just wanted to suggest that in 'She'.”

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In H.R. Haggard's words: "One of these gentlemen was the handsomest young fellow I have ever seen. He was very tall, very broad, and had a look of power and a grace of bearing that seemed as native to him as it is to a wild stag. In addition his face was almost without flaw--a good face as well as a beautiful one, and when he lifted his hat, which he did just then to a passing lady, I saw that his head was covered with little golden curls growing close to the scalp. 'Good gracious!' I said to my friend, with whom I was walking, 'why, that fellow looks like a statue of Apollo come to life. What a splendid man he is! 'Yes,' he answered, 'he is the handsomest man in the University, and one of the nicest too. They call him 'the Greek god'." (Extract from H.R. Haggard's 'She')