She The Musical


Billali is an elder of the Amahagger tribe. In Clive Nolan's musical he is a high priest and a faithful member of Queen Ayesha's entourage. The character was first introduced into the musical for the sake of the first UK theatre production in February 2012.

Clive Nolan about Billali: “In my original version of 'She' I didn't include Billali at all, but when we put on the first Playhouse theatre production, I added him in with just a few lines. In this new version I hope to expand the part a little more. He's an interesting character!”


In H.R. Haggard's words: "He was a wonderful-looking old man, with a snowy beard, so long that the ends of it hung over the sides of the litter, and he had a hooked nose, above which flashed out a pair of eyes as keen as a snake’s, while his whole countenance was instinct with a look of wise and sardonic humour impossible to describe on paper." (Extract from H.R. Haggard's 'She')