She The Musical


Rehani is Queen Ayesha's handmaiden. The character of Rehani, which does not feature in the H.R Haggard's novel, was invented by Clive Nolan and introduced into the musical for the sake of the first UK theatrical production at the Cheltenham Playhouse in February 2012. The introduction of the new character brought an opportunity to restore to the show “The Hermit”, a song originally sung by Ayesha and removed from the musical after the Polish premiere in Katowice. Rehani's solo song offers an insight into the mystery of Queen Ayesha's immortality.


Clive Nolan about Rehani: “Rehani does not actually exist as a character in the Rider Haggard novel, but I wanted to capture a moment of the story from another perspective in the musical. It was clear that Ayesha had several handmaidens, so I have imagined that one was closer to the Queen than all the others. Despite her loyalty to ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’, Rehani does try and warn Leo and his friends of the danger to their lives.”