She The Musical

'She The Musical' Synopsis

Act One

Scene 1

Songs:The Storm, The Veil, Covenant of Faith, Rescue

Act1 scene1a

The eastern shore of central Africa

Three men, Leo Vincey, Horace Holly and Job, are flung onto the shore during a violent storm. They take cover from rain and dwell on the events that led to their predicament. Shortly, members of the lost Amahagger tribe, led by a girl called Ustane, appear and offer to guide the men to the Lost City.

Scene 2

Songs: The Cave, The Bonding, Ambush

Act1 scene2a

A large cavern serving as home to the Amahagger

Whilst Leo, Holly and Job are enjoying the hospitality of the Amahagger, they are ambushed by hostile tribesmen, who believe that these outsiders should be sacrificed, according to their ancient traditions. Ustane, who has fallen for Leo, even performing a mysterious bonding ceremony with him, fights together with Leo, Holly and Job. At the last minute they are saved by the arrival of the royal guard, who arrest the attackers and take the visitors to the Lost City, but Leo has been badly injured.

Scene 3

Songs: Judgement, History

Act1 scene3a

The Throne Room of She-who-must-be-obeyed

Holly stands near the throne as the Queen, Ayesha, sentences the attackers to death for defying her orders to bring the men to her alive. Then the room is cleared and Holly receives a private audience with Ayesha. She is intrigued by the outsider and asks him to report o0n the last two thousand years, since her people chose to hide from the world. Holly obliges but, in return, he beseeches Ayesha to tend to Leo, for whom he fears the worst.  

Scene 4

Song: Confrontation

Act1 scene4a

The antechamber, somewhere in the Labyrinth of caves

Leo is lying wounded as Ustane tends to his injuries. The Queen arrives to see Leo and orders Ustane away. Ayesha is shocked to discover that Leo is the man she has been waiting for during the last two thousand years. She believes him to be the reincarnation of the Egyptian priest Kallikrates. Meanwhile, Ustane is unwilling to leave Leo and there is a confrontation between the women. Ayesha threatens to destroy the girl if she does not go away.  

Scene 5

Song: Shadows

Act1 scene5a

A room in Ayesha's private quarters

Leo is recovering well, thanks to mystical and healing powers of the Queen. He is intoxicated by her beauty and power, though she warns him that there is much about her he does not know. Ayesha then invites Leo, Holly and Job to a celebrati0on in their honour. Ayesha, Leo and Holly watch the festivities from the balcony, which overlooks the plains of Kor.  


Act Two

Scene 1

Song: Fire Dance

Act2 scene1a

The Fire Dance, as seen from the Royal Balcony

Ayesha, Leo, Holly and Job watch the festivities from the balcony, which overlooks the plains of Kor. A dance takes place, which involves the burning of various body parts from the thousand of corpses that are scattered around the caves complex, perfectly preserved in the many crypts. The tribe has an almost magical embalming process, which keeps the bodies from deteriorating at all. Holly, Leo and Job are shocked by the spectacle and wish to leave. During the dance, Ayesha sees Ustane trying to advise Leo to escape.

Scene 2

Songs: Cursed, Closer, Disbelief, Murder, The Eleventh Hour, Job’s Lament

Act2 scene2a

The Throne Room

In a fit of jealous rage, the Queen kills Ustane. Leo, Holly and Job are forced to look on in horror. With her dying breath, Ustane declares her feelings for Leo. To make things worse, Ayesha explains how she has loved Leo since she murdered him as Kallikrates two thousand years before. Then she offers Leo the one knife that can kill her. This is his chance for revenge... But he cannot do it. He has fallen too far for Ayesha.

With the aid of the Queen’s personal handmaiden, Rehani and the High Priest Billali, Job tries to persuade Leo and Holly that it is time to leave this strange and dangerous place. His words seem to fall on deaf ears.

Scene 3

Songs: Resting Place, Sands of Time

Act2 scene3a

The Royal Crypt

She takes the men to her private crypt. Lying there is the perfectly preserved body of Kallikrates. The men cannot believe what they see. She destroys the body of Kallikrates and declares that their destiny is to be together for eternity. Holly can only stand by and observe as Leo is drawn in. She tells them about the Fire of Life, hidden in a volcano on the other side of the plains of Kor. This is where they must go.  

Scene 4

Songs: The Hermit, Embrace

Act2 scene4a

Outside the ruins of the lost city of Kor

That night, they make camp. Holly, Leo and Job consider the situation. Leo and Ayesha share a tender moment as they dream of their future together... The calm before the storm.

Scene 5

Song: Fire of Life

Act2 scene5a

In the Volcano

Ayesha an Leo confront the fire. Ayesha tries to coax Leo into the fire by going in first. She promises that bathing in it will give them eternal life. She is unaware that you cannot bathe in the fire twice. As she enters it, she begins to age, and the two thousand years are returned to her. Leo watches in horror as she crawls from the fire, pleading with him to wait for her. Then, with a last gasping breath, she dies. Something in the balance of nature is disturbed and the cave begins to collapse. Leo is devastated and is deaf to the urgent pleas of Holly and Job. However, as the devastation of the volcano grows worse, the friends manage to drag him away, leaving the body of Ayesha lying in the dust.