She The Musical

Neuberinhous Theatre in Reichenbach, Germany. November 28th, 2015

'She in Concert' was performed at the Neuberinhous Theatre in Reichenbach, Germany. The first concert performance featuring the new reviewed cast: the singers, the band, the Caamora Chorus, and the original lighting design, was received enthusiastically by the German audience.

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The Cast:

Victoria Bolley: Queen Ayesha
Robbie Gardner: Leo Vincey
Chris Lewis: Horace Holly
Verity Smith: Ustane
Ian Baldwin: Job
Ross Andrews: Billali
Joy-Amy Wigman: Rehani
The Band:
Clive Nolan: keyboards
Mark Westwod: guitars
Kylan Amos: bass
Scott Higham: drums

The Caamora Chorus:

Ron Milsom
Ollie West
Emily Frechter
Joy-Amy Wigman
Alex White
Ross Andrews
Producer/Musical Director: Clive Nolan
Lighting Designer: Alec Morris
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