She The Musical

Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer, Holland. January 30th, 2016

The first performance of Clive Nolan's "She" in 2016 was a concert version of the musical featuring the revised cast, live band and the chorus. The show took place at the Zoetermeer Boerderij in Holland on January 30th 2016.

Holland 2016 poster

The Cast:

Gemma Louise Edwards: Queen Ayesha
Robbie Gardner: Leo Vincey
Chris Lewis: Horace Holly
Verity Smith: Ustane
Ian Baldwin: Job
Ross Andrews: Billali
Emily Frechter: Rehani
The Band:
Clive Nolan: keyboards
Mike Varty: keyboards
Mark Westwod: guitars
Kylan Amos: bass
Scott Higham: drums

The Caamora Chorus:

Ron Milsom
Ollie West
Emily Frechter
Ross Andrews
Magdalena Grabias
Susanne Brauer
Christine Piontek
SHe holand gemma
Producer/Musical Director: Clive Nolan
Lighting Designer: Alec Morris
Sound Designer: Dammes Nienhuis
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