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She The Musical

'Job's Lament' Recorded!

new song recorded

We are happy to announce that a new 'She' song, performed by Ian Baldwin, the director of the new production, also cast in the role of Job, has been now recorded! Job is a new character introduced into the musical in early 2015. The new song is designed to serve as a comic relief in the show. Job, who in H.R. Haggard’s novel is a tragic character destined to die in the foreign Kingdom of Kor, in Nolan’s musical serves a different purpose. A faithful servant and companion of Leo and Holly, Job offers words of caution and advice to his friends, who, blinded by Queen Ayesha, fail to notice dangers surrounding them. ‘Job’s Lament’ is a humorous, witty song, offering an insight into a down-to-earth attitude of the 19th century Englishman. The song, as performed by Ian is an entertaining addition to the otherwise dark and serious story.

New Cast Confirmed!

She new cast

The cast for the new 2015 production of ‘She’ has been now confirmed. For the first time in the musical’s history the show will be performed by entirely different cast. The original four actors, Agnieszka Swita, Clive Nolan, Christina Booth and Alan Reed have promised to watch the show from the audience. The cast of the September show will feature Victoria Bolley as Queen Ayesha (Victoria debuted in the role of Ayesha in the 2012 matinee show played by the understudies), Robbie Gardner as Leo Vincey, Chris Lewis as Horace Holly (alongside Victoria, Chris played Holly in the 2012 matinee show), and Gemma Louise Edwards, a new Caamora Company singer, as Ustane. The production will feature three more characters, originally not included in the musical: Ross Andrews as Billali, Verity Smith as Rehani (Billali and Rehani were introduced into the show in 2012 for the sake of the UK theatre premiere), and Ian Baldwin as a brand new character, Job.

New Song Written for 'She'!

Welcome to she

A brand new production of 'She', prepared for the September 'Fire and the Quest' mini festival, will feature new characters and new material.

Clive Nolan: "I have dug out the dusty manuscripts of 'She' and actually written a new song! The first part in my re-working of this musical... I find ‘She’ is rather too dark and serious throughout and I was keen to bring in a little bit of light relief. And... I was thinking about incorporating a new character into the show for some time. So, the new song is called ‘Job’s Lament’ and it features our new character, Job, trying to persuade his friends, Leo and Holly, that they really should get far away from the Queen and her underground domain. I must say I'm very happy with the song, but technically this will be a tough one to sing..."

'She' returns to the Cheltenham Playhouse!

fQ she

We are happy to announce an event extraordinaire designed to celebrate 10 years of Clive Nolan's musicals! A two-day-long festival will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre on September 4th-5th, 2015. The event will see the return of 'She', revised and rewritten especially for the occasion (Friday), as well as the 'West End' version of Clive Nolan's second musical, 'Alchemy' (Saturday). Additionally, 'Beyond the Veil' will offer a chance to meet the composer and the Caamora Theatre Company artists for an afternoon of acoustic music and conversation. (Saturday afternoon). "Golden Tickets" for the festival can be purchased at 'The Fire and the Quest' website or directly from the theatre. Do not miss the return of 'She'!