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She The Musical

'She' returns to the Cheltenham Playhouse!

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We are happy to announce an event extraordinaire designed to celebrate 10 years of Clive Nolan's musicals! A two-day-long festival will take place at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre on September 4th-5th, 2015. The event will see the return of 'She', revised and rewritten especially for the occasion (Friday), as well as the 'West End' version of Clive Nolan's second musical, 'Alchemy' (Saturday). Additionally, 'Beyond the Veil' will offer a chance to meet the composer and the Caamora Theatre Company artists for an afternoon of acoustic music and conversation. (Saturday afternoon). "Golden Tickets" for the festival can be purchased at 'The Fire and the Quest' website or directly from the theatre. Do not miss the return of 'She'!

Welcome to the 'She' Website!


This website is devoted to 'She', the first musical by a renowned composer, Clive Nolan. The libretto is based on H.R. Haggard's Victorian classic novel under the same title. 'She' was first released on CD and DVD in 2008 and a lot has happened since then. On this website you will find all you want to know about the musical's history, the composer, the synopsis, current and original cast and people behind the productions. Reviews, videos, photo galleries and news about the scheduled shows will complement your knowledge about the musical. For us, 'She' constitutes an important part of our lives and there is a lot of fond memories we would like to share with you all! Join us and enjoy the musical journey!